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How to become ashemale

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You can go with the surgical route by getting breast augmentation surgery, obtaining prescriptions for estrogen and testosterone blockers and having vocal surgery. Shemales will need breast implants because the prescribed hormones never grow enough breast tissue to be satisfying. Shemale stepdaughter goes to her stepdads house and tells him how she miss him. After that,they start kissing each other and she sucks her stepdads cock. In return her stepdads licks her ass first before he fucks it so deep and hard.   to begin with, the word shemale, when applied to transsexual and transgender persons is considered offensive and dehumanizing, reducing a person to a fetish and sex object. If you desire to become a transgender or shemale, there are lots of ways to do. Different than transgender, shemales will keep their genitals, so transgender surgery is not needed, though taking estrogen regularly is the key to becoming a shemale.

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